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4 Surprising Businesses That Need Call Center Software

When many people think of call centers and call center software, their minds go immediately to telemarketing. However, there are numerous businesses across varied industries that can benefit from the use of quality call center software. Here, four surprising businesses that fall into that category. Retailers   Do you sell something? Do your customers occasionally have questions about that thing you sell? If the answer to those questions is yes, then call center software is going to play a vital role in your business. Customers need a way to contact you, and chances are you don’t want all of [...]

By |June 28th, 2021|

CallShaper FAQs: What kind of reporting can I get out of CallShaper?

Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: What kind of reporting can I get out of CallShaper?   CallShaper’s cutting edge dialing software aims to give you all the tools you need to streamline your business and maximize sales, and robust and detailed reports are crucial to achieving this goal. That’s why CallShaper offers a variety of different types of reports that will help you do just that. The first category is real time reports. Available in the supervisor and manager interfaces, this data is constantly updated [...]

By |June 21st, 2021|

4 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Despite having been around for years, many people and businesses are still learning about the cloud and how they can use it to their benefit. And while some of these perks may not be obvious at first, there are many ways that moving to a cloud-based software can make your business more efficient and successful. These include: Location Flexibility: When you are using cloud-based software, it does not matter where your employees are physically located. As long as they have a strong internet connection, they will be able to access the programs and data they need to complete their [...]

By |June 14th, 2021|

How CallShaper Can Help You Adapt to Your Customers’ Needs

Every day in the past year has brought new questions and uncertainties. About what people will be able to do safely and what they won’t, about the steps that governments, companies and other large bodies and organizations are taking to make things safer, and just about what daily life will look like. It’s been a scary and stressful time for everyone. This is likely something you’ve already addressed with your team, discussing the ways you may need to adjust your approach to customers and sales. If people were impatient or on edge before, they are likely even more so [...]

By |June 7th, 2021|

3 Ways to Fight Agent Fatigue

Being a call center agent is a difficult job. Not only are you being forced to remain helpful and upbeat as you communicate with customers throughout the day, but the work can become repetitive and draining. Add in the fact that agents may feel like they are alone on an island working from home and you may be dealing with low morale and/or fatigue amongst team members. Here, three ways to fight these effects and keep agents engaged in a productive and positive way. Mix Up Roles and Responsibilities: If it’s an option, try shuffling the responsibilities of your [...]

By |June 1st, 2021|

Multiple Campaigns? No Problem with CallShaper

Many large companies that use call center software have more than one campaign in the works at a given time, campaigns that likely have different teams working on them. In the past, this may have made campaign management difficult, requiring extra work by managers, supervisors and IT departments to restrict agent access to certain campaigns or set up the different processes each team needed to complete the tasks associated with their particular campaign. Fortunately, CallShaper eliminates any possible extra work associated with running multiple campaigns. First, there is no limit to the number of clients and campaigns you can [...]

By |May 24th, 2021|

4 Ways CallShaper Provides Relief from Compliance Headaches

Between the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and countless state regulations, the list of rules you need to be aware of and in compliance with can seem like it is miles long. Fortunately, if you are using a dialer like CallShaper, it will have the technology built in that will ensure you are remaining in compliance with all of these rules with little or no effort on your part. Here, four of the solutions CallShaper utilizes to provide customers with relief from compliance headaches. Extensive Call and Data Storage: The average length of time most dialers will save call recordings, [...]

By |May 17th, 2021|

The SHAKEN/STIR Deadline is Here

If you’ve been in the call center or telemarketing industry for a while, you’re likely familiar with the SHAKEN/STIR or STIR/SHAKEN protocol. This technology, developed in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s calls for the industry to find a way to stop robocalls, relies on digital certificates to authentic the origin of a call as it is being placed. Through a number of steps, the technology ensures that the phone number making the call has not been spoofed, so that people on the receiving end of calls can trust that the callers are who they say they are and [...]

By |May 11th, 2021|

Sales Leadership Best Practices for Hybrid Call Centers

"Nearly 30% of working professionals would quit if they had to return to office after pandemic." (USA Today) Most call center leaders could not have imagined going from having agents in their office to having them all work from home.  Last year changed all that around the globe. Some organizations handled the transition well with teams that kept their selling effectiveness and productivity high.  Many struggled with how to lead their team without being able to see them walk over to their desk, nor have meetings in person. Now as the country (and many parts of the world) starts to allow people [...]

By |April 20th, 2021|

New to CallShaper? 4 Things You Can Integrate into the System

New to CallShaper? 4 Things You Can Integrate into the System  Have you recently transitioned from using a different dialer software to using CallShaper? If so, welcome! We’re excited to have you. If you were previously using a different dialer, chances are you were using a number of other systems and technologies as well. Fortunately, CallShaper’s integration options make it easy to integrate your existing programs and assets with the system so you can have everything in one place. Here are four things you can effortlessly integrate into your dialer. External Scripts  If you have existing call scripts your [...]

By |March 16th, 2021|

Why 2020 Was a Breakthrough Year for Cloud-Based Dialers

Even though the cloud and cloud-based apps and systems have been around for many years, the average person on the street is likely still unsure of exactly what the cloud is and how you access it. And even after explaining it, a large question still remains: Why do I need to use it for my business? For many years, there were benefits to choosing cloud-based software but as long as all your employees worked out of a single office it wasn’t a necessity. Premised-based systems were perfectly adequate and offices were seen as the optimal setting for businesses to [...]

By |March 11th, 2021|

CallShaper FAQs How do you control leads in CallShaper?

Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: How do you control the calling of leads in CallShaper? With CallShaper’s leading dialer platform, you have total control over how you utilize your leads and multiple ways you can organize them. First, you can organize your leads into buckets, or groups that will be routed to your agents together. These buckets can be based on where the leads came from, when you obtained them (calling the newest leads before the oldest) or how frequently they have been used (calling [...]

By |February 22nd, 2021|

Addressing the Biggest Challenges Facing Call Centers

Running a call center, whether it’s inbound or outbound, is a tricky business. There are many factors, large and small, that can influence if a business succeeds or fails. That’s why folks like CallShaper who are in the call center business are constantly working to identify these challenges, how they can influence call center success and how to address and solve them. Here, some of the ways we are addressing the biggest challenges facing call centers. The Challenge: Connecting with Leads This is a challenge facing both inbound and outbound call centers. For inbound call centers, it can be [...]

By |January 28th, 2021|

Three Tools to Optimize Agents’ WFH Experience

The number of call center agents working from home has drastically increased over the last year and many of them expect to continue working from home for the foreseeable future. While it can be challenging to create a designated workspace at home, especially if there are others in the household trying to do the same, having the tools and equipment that will make agents’ jobs easier and smoother can go far towards optimizing the work from home experience. Here, three supplies that will do just that. High Quality Headphones As long as a company is using a cloud-based call [...]

By |January 28th, 2021|

Everything You Can Learn with Real Time Reporting

Detailed reports are critical to measuring the performance of your team in real time and after work hours. But in order to be helpful, reports need to measure things that you can actively use to improve your team’s conversion rates and sales as well as ensure that they are working efficiently. At CallShaper, we offer a variety of metrics that supervisors can view and track in real time to help them measure and monitor agent performance. Those metrics include: Team and Individual Performance: On their dashboard, supervisors can see what all their agents are up to as well as [...]

By |January 22nd, 2021|
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