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3 Ways to Measure Your Call Center’s Success

There are numerous ways to determine how well the agents in your inbound call center are performing. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to measure how they are doing simply by looking at sales numbers. But if not, there are other metrics to consider that will illustrate whether or not you are meeting the needs of your customers. Here are three and what they can tell you about the performance of your call center. First Call Resolution   First Call Resolution essentially means whether or not a caller is able to resolve their issue [...]

By |June 13th, 2022|

The Importance of Offering the Right Touch-points

When you’re setting up and structuring an inbound call center, it’s no longer enough to plug in the phones and wait for the customer calls to come in. These days, customers expect to have options when it comes to getting in touch with a company, such as the ability to reach out via email, online chat or social media in addition to over the phone. And while you may be quick to assume that the more touchpoints you offer the better, that’s not always the case. Instead of simply offering more touchpoints for customers, you should be focused on offering [...]

By |June 8th, 2022|

4 Surprising Factors That Could be Ruining Your Customer Experience

When you’re running an inbound call center, customer experience is the most important thing. By the time a customer makes the effort to place a call to your company they are either already a customer or have decided to become a customer, so you don’t want anything that happens over the course of the call to dissuade them or make them question their decision. That said, there are some factors apart from the actual conversation that happens between the agent and customer that could be detracting from or even ruining your customer’s experience. Here are four and how to [...]

By |June 1st, 2022|

Top Services Provided by Inbound Call Centers

Agents working at an inbound call center are in a unique position. No matter how well trained they are, they never know exactly what they will be dealing with until they answer the phone. After all, these agents and the issues they are handling are completely governed by the customer—who in most cases will also set the tone and tempo of the interaction, so agents need to be adaptable and flexible.   That said, there are a few primary services that are typically provided by inbound call centers. Here’s a look at what some of those are and some of [...]

By |May 23rd, 2022|

3 Tools Mortgage Companies Need in Call Center Software

With interest rates on the rise and fewer homes on the market, it is an incredibly tense moment for mortgage companies. A smaller pool of homebuyers means a more competitive market and requires more work on the part of lenders to stand out from the rest of the pack—homebuyers have lots of options and you want them to choose you. Today, a large portion of the mortgage-selling process takes place over the phone, and how that experience goes for the customer plays a big role in whether or not they decide to go with you for their loan. Here are [...]

By |May 16th, 2022|

Why CallShaper Is Best for Inbound Call Centers

While there are plenty of businesses that use call centers for reaching out to customers and potential customers directly, many are also fielding calls. Whether callers are looking for help with customer service, sales, appointment scheduling, product troubleshooting or something else, a dialer that helps your agents answer and address incoming calls efficiently and successfully is critical. Here are some of the ways CallShaper can help support your inbound call center. Easy-to-Edit IVR   A perfectly calibrated interactive voice responder (IVR) is crucial to helping callers solve their problems quickly. With CallShaper, you have numerous options for how to [...]

By |May 9th, 2022|

Why Efficiency, Not Speed, Should Be Your Call Center’s Goal

If you want to build a successful outbound call center, your first thought may be that you need to prioritize speed. Making as many calls as quickly as possible and driving up the volume of possible connections is what will net you the most sales. However, this is not always the case. Instead of speed and maximizing volume, you should be focused on optimizing your efficiency. Here’s why. By definition, efficiency is a state in which you are achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. If you are going for speed, you may be putting in a [...]

By |May 2nd, 2022|

How CallShaper Transforms to Fit Your Business

At one point or another, you’ve likely gotten the following advice (or some version of it): To succeed, you must do one thing really, really well. Being the best at one thing is much better than being mediocre at many things. And to an extent, this is very good advice. It encourages honing your skills and becoming an expert in your particular specific field, after which you may be able to use those skills to more easily (and more successfully) branch out from there. The evolution of CallShaper’s dialing software has followed such a trajectory since its founding in [...]

By |April 25th, 2022|

Is It Time to Add a Call Center to Your Growing Business?

Congratulations! The business you’ve started is growing rapidly. Perhaps you’ve hired more people or increased your advertising efforts. All in all, business is booming, and you’re starting to wonder if it may be time to add a call center to your business. Here are the questions you need to ask that will tell you whether or not you need a call center to continue growing and expanding.   Are you struggling to keep up with customer inquiries?   If you’re getting a backlog of calls and emails from existing customers about your products or a plethora of potential customers [...]

By |April 18th, 2022|

3 Ways to Increase Your Cold Calling Connection Rate

Cold calling is still a significant part of sales, especially in B2B markets. But if your reps are not well-trained and prepared, you may see the results of these efforts lagging. Here are three ways to increase your connection rates from cold calling. Review Your Calls When you’re just starting out with a new product or new sales strategy it may take some time for your team to get their legs under them. But as soon as you can, reviewing how calls go and their results can be incredibly helpful towards improving the outcomes. You will learn how your [...]

By |April 11th, 2022|

What Our Customers Are Saying About CallShaper

At CallShaper, the customer experience is the most important thing. We pride ourselves on having a dialing platform that is easy to navigate with minimal training and simple to optimize to fit the needs of any company or campaign. So when our customers speak to us, we listen. Our five-star rating on Capterra means a lot to us and we use the feedback we receive to improve our products, plus inform new and existing customers about the most popular features on our platform. Here, what some of our satisfied customers are saying about CallShaper. Sevin B., Director of Technical [...]

By |April 4th, 2022|

Introducing Caller ID AutoPilot from CallShaper!

Have your call center’s connection rates been lagging? Have your attempts to improve them failed? The most critical piece to running a successful call center is connecting with the customers. But new technology coupled with strict rules and regulations has made that increasingly difficult. Enter Caller ID AutoPilot. Designed to improve your reputation, protect your brand and increase connection rates on outbound campaigns, Caller ID AutoPilot limits the chances that your calls are flagged or labeled as spam—all while giving you total visibility into the health and viability of your phone numbers. Here’s how it works: Before the campaign, [...]

By |March 28th, 2022|

How CallShaper Supports BPO

While companies would love to have every single aspect of their business handled in-house, that’s not always feasible or practical. Business process outsourcing (or BPO) allows companies to outsource tedious or time-consuming tasks, like administrative duties such as scheduling and appointment confirmation, as well as specialized roles such as accounting, payroll, customer service and human resources. Utilizing BPO provides instant access to experienced professionals and one or more headaches avoided, leaving more time to focus on things like product development, sales, operations and other elements that may play a more central role in growing the business. But one risk [...]

By |March 25th, 2022|

4 Ways to Increase Agent Productivity

Any call center is only as successful as its agents—and a successful agent is one that is both efficient and productive, meaning that they not only work through calls at a healthy clip but that each call also yields a positive outcome for both the business and the customer. Here are four ways you can ensure maximum agent productivity. Appropriate Staffing   The simplest way to ensure that your agents are being productive is to make sure there are the appropriate number of agents working at any given time. If there are too many agents clocked in this can [...]

By |March 17th, 2022|

Why You Should be Forecasting Call Volume

No matter the role of your call center in your business, you want the people manning the phones to be as prepared as possible for anything and everything they might face on the job. Effective training plays a huge part in this to ensure that your agents know how to respond to different questions and different scenarios. But even if you and your team are completely prepared for any and all callers on the other end of the line there is something else you need to be prepared for: Call volume. Forecasting potential call volume is a critical piece [...]

By |March 7th, 2022|
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